April 13, 2010

Celebrating & Saying Goodbye | White Rock Family Photographer

Brenda contacted me to photograph her family on their acreage in White Rock. She wanted me to do something more than capture images of them as a family. She wanted me to help them celebrate a time and a place. She wanted me to help her family say goodbye to the home and property they have loved so dearly. This family is putting things in boxes and moving on to new adventures.

We rescheduled this session once for Spring rain and I’m so glad we did as the sun came out and the light was so perfect. The kids were in their element. We played around the yard and forest, utilizing their amazing surroundings as much as possible.

shannon : 13:03 April 13, 2010
fun session!!
Amanda : 13:24 April 13, 2010
I love the interaction you captured! They will treasure these images!
Melissa Koehler : 14:34 April 13, 2010
These are gorgeous! What a beautiful family and you captured them so perfectly. How sad they are leaving such an amazing looking place, but I am sure bigger and better things are in store for them :)
jenny : 16:52 April 13, 2010
Great photos!!! I love the fun and innocence in them. Beautiful family.
Miranda : 20:24 April 13, 2010
Absolutely gorgeous... something the family will treasure forever.
Kelly Mendoza : 20:37 April 13, 2010
I love the fun and emotion you captured here. What a great thing for a family to do!
Kelsey : 20:48 April 13, 2010
Lovely captures!
Eryn : 21:17 April 13, 2010
I know this family and the property well - amazing job capturing both the family's spirits as well as the magic of the place!
rachael : 22:48 April 13, 2010
wow what amazing land!!! nice work.
JennyO : 01:55 April 14, 2010
What a lovely set of photos to remind them of their home.
tanja : 02:53 April 14, 2010
So beautiful, looks like a loving fun family
Melissa : 19:40 April 14, 2010
What a touching session! Great captures.
Deirdre : 08:51 April 15, 2010
What a fun family and great location!
toki : 12:14 April 15, 2010
Gorgeous shots!!!!
Jennifer : 15:46 April 15, 2010
These are such beautiful, personal pictures!
Trisha : 20:08 April 15, 2010
This is a PERFECT family session! Exactly the kind of memories tihs family is going to want to remember forever!
Christy F : 21:00 April 15, 2010
A great set of family photos!
MeghanW : 23:26 April 15, 2010
Just beautiful! LOVE these! Your work is amazing!
Nicki : 08:03 April 16, 2010
What a sweet session, nice work.
stephanie greenwell : 10:45 April 23, 2010
oh, what bittersweet captures! great images!
Bruce : 11:50 May 19, 2010
Just beautiful! LOVE these! Your work is amazing!

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