January 24, 2011

At Home with the Lee Family | Vancouver Family Lifestyle Photography

It was another dark and rainy morning when I pulled up outside the Lee family’s home for our photo session. They had a fire burning, good music playing and a delicious homemade latte was quickly whipped up. Lucky me! The boys were quickly ready to show me around including their playroom and all of the things they are loving right now. We played inside until the rain stopped and the sun began to peek out. Then we headed to the back alley to ride bikes and burn off some energy!

What a perfect way to spend a Sunday morning…just hanging out, doing whatever this family usually does on a weekend morning. It was a pleasure capturing this family of four in a quiet moment before they welcome another little one into there lives this Spring. I love sessions like this – personal, real, candid and focused on showing life as it is right now.

AmyC : 02:59 January 25, 2011
What a gorgeous family! You did a wonderful job in capturing their love for each other as a family! WOW. I absolutely adore the shots with the boys staring out the window and the bike shot!
Chantel : 08:40 January 25, 2011
These are awesome! Who doesn't love lego?! I like the one of them looking out the window. So cute!
Melissa D. : 09:23 January 25, 2011
These photos are amazing! I love captures of everyday life. Great job!
Naomi : 13:42 January 25, 2011
What wonderful memories these will be!
Lauren P. : 20:29 January 25, 2011
Love the shot of the boys looking out the window - great job!
robin : 21:11 January 25, 2011
I love the shot of the boys looking out the window and the last shot of the boy riding the bicycle!
Monica Wilkinson : 21:48 January 25, 2011
Haley..these are gorgeous..as usual!! :)
Tiffany : 23:29 January 25, 2011
What a great family session. Love all the interactions you captured!
JennyO : 05:13 January 26, 2011
I love all these. Lifestyle sessions are great aren't they?
steph : 08:10 January 26, 2011
Love these!! What an awesome session!
Lacey : 11:49 January 26, 2011
I love lifestyle photography! I'm sure this family will treasure your captures of their family time!
Aimee Lashley : 14:53 January 26, 2011
What a beautiful family! I love the bike one!!! So fun!!!
Michelle Rooney : 00:06 January 27, 2011
What fun photos!!
Stacey M : 00:09 January 27, 2011
Lovely lifestyle captures!
Brenda : 11:36 January 29, 2011
Thank you Haley for such wonderful photos!!! You do amazing work. Your photos captured our family life so perfectly. We will treasure them.

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