April 2, 2013

Interesting Perspectives – Vancouver Lifestyle Family Photography

This month’s blog circle theme – Interesting Prespectives. I really enjoyed this challenge as I LOVE looking for interesting prespectives when shooting. I am always trying to capture a scence from various angles (from a distance, up-close, from above/below, through something, etc). I feel this helps to tell the story as well as add variety to an image set.
Head on over to Lindsey Caroon to see her take on this month’s theme!

Cathy : 04:46 April 3, 2013
Love this! So inspiring.
Alise : 05:59 April 3, 2013
The first one is simply beautiful (they all are but that one is my favorite!). I love how wide the image is an how much negative space surrounds those three tiny little bodies that are so close and clearly connected.
Michelle : 06:07 April 3, 2013
Love how the kids look tiny on that big hill. Looks like the perfect Spring day!
Lindsey : 07:14 April 3, 2013
So hard to pick a favorite, but I think I love the boots with the flowers best :) Great work!

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