Sometimes when your Mom is a photographer, you have your picture taken! Sometimes if you have your picture taken you just have to run inside to grab your own camera to take Mom’s picture too!

Wooden camera from Little Sapling Toys. Sweet little girl…well she’s all mine!

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  • Candy Howard - I love her camera! So cute!

  • Aimee Buxton - what a sweetie! i love that camera!

  • robin - So sweet, I love the wooden camera, she’s quite proud I can tell!

  • Krista Lund - what a doll!
    my blog today is also title “sometimes…” :)

  • Holly C - SO cute, reminds me of my little girl!

  • Melissa M. - LOVE the wooden camera in this session!

  • Hilary - CUTEST EVER.

  • Michelle R - that is so sweet!

  • cassandra - She is very cute!! I also always notice that my little lad always poses for the camera now while the other kids take no notice!! ha ha!! It’s such a great blessing to be able to take lovely pictures of your own kids though!!

I would like to introduce you to Lauren. I met Lauren and her loving parents through the Tiny Light Foundation, a non profit organization that provides professional photography for children and families that have been faced with a life altering diagnoses. Their story is unique and although you wouldn’t know it from these photos, Lauren had a very rough start in life.

She was born at 41 weeks after an easy pregnancy, however, her parents knew right away something wasn’t right. On her third day of life she was rushed to BC Children’s Hospital where it was determined that she had been having seizures since birth (and most likely in utero). The family spent the next two months in the NICU and PICU. Lauren was intubated and sedated the whole time as hospital staff tried to find out what was causing her seizures. Every time she was taken off the sedation she would start to seize again.

Finally, a week before her two month birthday it was determined that Lauren had a very rare metabolic disorder called Pyrodoxine Dependent Epilepsy. What does this mean? Well it means that Lauren has to take vitamin B6 everyday and be on a special low lysine diet. It means she can’t have dairy, meat, soy or anything that has protein. It means that she will always be on the smaller side and have low muscle tone. It means she is developmentally and physically delayed.

On the day that I had the pleasure of meeting Lauren she was full of smiles. At almost two years of age she is more or less walking and communicating with a few words and many signs. She is sweet, loving and full of life.


I want to thank the Miller family for allowing me to capture this time in their lives. I also want to thank them for pretending it wasn’t raining when it most certainly was!

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  • robin - What a beautiful little girl and family! You did a fabulous job on all of these, I love her bright blue eyes. Off to check out this wonderful foundation.

  • Rox - Seriously Haley – these photos are incredible and I think an amazing memory for the family.

  • Nina - This really captured this family. She looks like she is just full of joy!

  • lesley - Such a beautiful and strong little girl (and family!) Her eyes are amazing. The last one w/ her and Mom is my fave. Great job!

  • Candy Howard - What a gift! So precious!

  • Lacey - This little girl is quite the miracle. I can only imagine how much every hug means to these parents! Your photos capture her sweetness very well!

  • lemphotography - She has such amazing eyes, love it!

  • Aimee Buxton - She is precious! So cute <3

  • Krista Lund - you captured this sweetheart beautifully!

  • Christina Corneau - look at those eyes!! just gorgeous!

  • Jessica - These are so sweet, great job!

  • Hilary - What a beautiful little girl. I am so happy you shared this post. You did an amazing job on this photosession.

  • Crystal - Wow, amazing images and a truly cute cherub!

  • Kelly R - What an adorable little one! :) Love these images!

This guy was exactly 3 weeks old the day he had his modeling debut. While on the older end of my typical “newborn” sessions he was SO sleepy and sweet for me. Welcome little Nico you are such a beautiful and precious little boy I can’t wait to watch you grow over the next year!

undefinedAnd the gorgeous new family.undefined

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  • Autumn Branscome - Love the last shot! Great job!

  • Rosalba (Rose's Flowers & Gifts) - AWWW Welcome little Nico to the family!! you’re such a cutie pie:) Just love the shot of him with his little toque

  • Kim Henshaw - OMG! Beautiful pictures Haley and of course the whole family looks amazing! LOVE IT!!

  • Deborah - beautiful images! very well done.

  • Christina Corneau - awww they both look so happy!! great emotions in these!

  • aubrey - these are beautiful!

  • Cindy Austin - What beautiful pictures ! So cool ! Love them all !

  • Crystal - Beautiful! All of them! Congrats to the new parents!

  • robin - Aww, these are beautiful and what a perfect model!

  • Candy Howard - Completely gorgeous!

  • Nico Sitting Strong | Vancouver Baby Photography » Haley Lorraine Photography - [...] so suprised at how much little ones change in siz short months. You may remember Nico from his newborn session. Now at six months of age he is sitting tall and full of smiles. Love his beautiful blue eyes and [...]

This sweet little snuggle bug was a mere 9 days old and a perfect model. I just adore his full head of dark hair. On the day we did our session it felt like Spring had arrived and we took advantage of the warmer weather to get a few quick shots outside. I have a lot of favorites from this session, here are just a few!

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  • Eileen - I just love the first three images! Perfect. Love the poses, love the composition and colors. Great shoot:)

  • Christina Corneau - I love newbies with hair!! great job with this session! I love the clean pp!

  • Sara - These are all so gorgeous, but I have to say I am LOVING the black & whites! What a precious little one!! :)

  • jenny - Love love love these photos! I especially love the 4th one down. There is something so adorable about babies with hair. I can’t wait to see your photos of my nephew & son!

  • Crystal - What a beautiful, precious baby boy. I love the photo of him with his mom!!! Nice work!

  • Kelly H - What a handsome little guy. Great shots.

  • Michelle R - Look at all that hair! Love these photos!

  • Kellie - So precious! My favorite is the one of him and his Mama :)

  • Krista Lund - these are too cute!

  • Christy F - Oh my, these are simply wonderful! Love this session!

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