You can’t get much more West Coast than climbing over drift wood as you make your way along a beautiful beach on Bowen Island. The beach is a favourite place for this couple to visit, relax and soak up the amazing vistas. We lucked out with the weather as the sun peeked out from behind the clouds just as our feet hit the sand on the beach. Beautiful couple + beautiful location + sunshine = very happy photographer!
Thanks for showing me “your beach” I am very much looking forward to meeting your little one in a few short weeks.

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  • Michelle R - gorgeous location!!! such a happy momma to be – great job!

  • Deanna - What a great location! And of course a beautiful baby bump!

  • Brenda - I know this couple well and you really captured their relationship and their joy. Unbelievable location and shots!! Well done.

  • emily - beautiful bump!!

  • robin - Oh I love these, just beautiful! The location is perfect too!

  • Nikki Moore - I love how the blue in her outfit compliments the blue in the mountains and scenery. Great set of photos! She’s a lovely momma(-to-be)!

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This beautifully glowing mama to be is due in just a few short weeks. Her husband decided to surprise her with a photo session…how sweet! We managed to sneak her maternity session in between massive rain clouds and hail storms. In fact we lucked out and found a little bit of sunshine and some very beautiful locations in Steveston.

Thank you both for being so relaxed and up for anything. Looking forward to meeting your little one in a few short weeks.

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  • deirdre - What a wonderful session in a gorgeous location! That is a lucky momma to be to be surprised with a photo session by you!

  • Michelle Nolan - Pretty couple! And now I have baby-bump fever :)

  • Autumn Branscome - Great job! I love the colors!

  • Michelle R - Great images of a pretty momma-to-be!

  • Melissa M. - Love the green/pink color pop!

  • Kelly R - These are great! Congrats to the parents-to-be!!!

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A few weeks ago I had the extreme honour of photographing the beautiful home birth of this family’s third child.

Brenda’s water broke early Monday morning and I received the call shortly after letting me know that Jackson would be coming sometime soon (about 3 weeks earlier than expected). I made childcare arrangements and back-up childcare arrangements and waited for a call that labour was progressing. But no call came.

The following morning I checked in and she wasn’t having any contractions at this point. Later that afternoon her wonderful midwives from Westside Midwives came to check on her. Mama and baby were both doing fine and Brenda was having a few irregular contractions. They mixed up a concoction of castor oil and other yummy stuff and that did the trick. So, 36 hours after her water broke and about 30 minutes after taking the concoction, Brenda’s contractions started getting more regular and intense. At 6:30pm that evening, two hours after taking the castor oil, I received the call to make my way over to their home.

The scene when I walked into the house took my breath away. The evening light was starting to fade, the birth pool was ready, and the midwives were setting up. The two older boys were reading books and getting ready for bed with their aunt. The peaceful energy of the house was both calming and exhilarating. Ryan was so supportive and present for Brenda throughout labour. Everyone was happy and excitedly awaiting the arrival of little Jackson…

Thank you to this beautiful family for inviting me into their home to witness such a personal and incredible event and then for allowing me to share it with you here.

[If you are pregnant in the Vancouver area and are interested in having your baby’s birth day photographed, contact me for more details.]

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  • Eileen - beyond stunning! eyes tearing up!

  • Holly - Awwww, birth photography is so special. Great job.

  • Michelle Nolan - Amazing and beautiful! I so need to save $ for a birth photographer next time around!

  • robin - These are beautiful birth images, great work!

  • Aimee - Very touching you did a wonderful job!

  • Aimee - This is stunning work!

  • Kelly R - These are completely beautiful images! You captured this day beautifully! I think these are some of the best birth photographs I’ve seen! Great work!

  • Candy Howard - What a wonderful keepsake these images are! Just beautiful!

  • Crystal - Prenatal Coach - Beautiful! I’m so happy to have found a local birth photographer :)

  • Melissa - These are fantastic! I love black and white birth photography and you’ve done a great job here! Congratulations to the family!

  • Aimee - How amazing. Birth photography is the BEST! Congratulations to this family! <3

  • Kim Kravitz - These are amazing! You did such a wonderful job capturing this event for this family. LOVE the clock pictures. :D lol

  • Autumn Branscome - These are wonderful!

  • Rebecca - Wow…these are amazing, and so beautiful. What an amazing gift to have these photos! XO

  • Krista Lund - wow! what a moment to capture! love ALL the emotions captured!

Remember this maternity session from earlier this year? Well this is my good friend Jenny and now she is the proud mama to one adorable little boy. This little bundle of cuteness arrived the day after his daddy’s birthday and just before his mommy’s birthday. April is going to be party time in this household!

Ten day old Jack had the most perfect features and the most stunning lashes. Isn’t he the cutest?!
Thanks and congrats again!!! It was so great to have had the chance to come visit and meet your little man in those first few days. Jack is totally adorable and I am so happy for you!

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  • Kim Kravitz - Oh he is so sweet!!!! Love the black and white images. :) Great work!

  • jenny - i love these photos of my little man! thank you so much for capturing jack jack at 10 days.

  • Kristin - Jenny, he is delicious! Yay for you! My fav is the last one with his fresh belly button.
    Love your work Haley! Both the maternity set and these of wee Jack are so great!

  • Christy F - Gorgeous newborn work, and LOVE your black and whites!!!

  • robin - What a handsome little guy, these are beautiful!

  • Eileen - love the blue color burst! great job with these :)

  • Holly - He is so handsome!

  • Michelle Nolan - What a little cutie!

  • Aimee - BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

  • Aimee - These are beautiful, I love the little green hat!!

  • Kelly R - GORGEOUS! Love these images.
    Your black and whites are stunning. And you have a great sense of color too!

  • Candy Howard - Oh, he is beautiful! Lovely job on these!

  • Nicki - beautiful images! great job!

  • Aimee - What an adorable little boy. These are great! the 2nd and 5th are my favorites.

  • Autumn Branscome - Oh my goodness look at those lashes! Great job!

  • Krista Lund - these are just perfect!

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